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Transport Infrastructure

Master Profi Plant Pro takes part in major infrastructure projects: building railway stations and airport terminals, various types of passenger terminals. We have experience behind the manufacture and installation of metal objects such as Donetsk and Kharkov airport, railway stations and facilities surrounding infrastructure. There is the possibility of a separate plant for the production of large­volume buildings with metal structures of complex shape, developed in our design and construction department using 3­D modeling systems.

One of the activities of Master Profi Plant is manufacturing metal structures for road, rail, urban, and pedestrian bridges. Bridge superstructures up to 300 m are made, and the total length of the bridge is regulated by each project.

All welded metal bridge structures, made up of modular units and tubular elements are made of high quality metal­roll of the standard.

The plant assembles bridge structures, regardless of the superstructure and destination, supporting welded parts and hardware.